Exchange: set up of central filter rules

Inbox rules on the Exchange server

The exchange allows the set up of inbox rules. These rules are evaluated before the delivery of emails to a mailbox.

The configuration is possible

  • via the web interface
  • via Outlook


Configuration in the web interface

  1. Sign in to Outlook on the Web (OWA)
  2. Click on the gear icon on the top right corner and afterwards on 'Options'
  3. The settings for the inbox rules can be found under 'E-Mail' -> 'Automatic processing' -> 'Inbox and sweep rules'

Configuration in Outlook

  1. Select the menu 'File'
  2. Select in the opening window the button 'Manage Rules and Alerts'
For user of Hermes accounts the configuration of a server side filter are not possible in outlook.

If you change the settings here, these rules will exclusively be evaluated by the opened outlook mail client. We advise hermes user to use this mail filter configuration.


Spam filter

Exchange user have the possibility to use the central pre filtering (in german) offered by the computing centre. Identified spam will directly be sorted into the junk mail folder. We advise against creating your own filter rules for spam filtering.


Out-of-office message on the Exchange server

The configuration of an out-of-office message on the exchange server takes place not with inbox rules but with different settings.