Exchange: Automatic reply ('Vacation')

Set up via Outlook

To set up a automated out-of-office message on the Exchange server, click in Outlook (from 2010) on 'File' and there on 'Automatic reply'.

In the following dialogue box you can

  • specify the period of time, in which the automatic reply should be applicable
  • specify the text for the automatich reply for Exchange user (within my organization) and other email addresses (outside my organization).
Please notice that 'within my organization' only contains the emails on the Exchange server. User of other mail systems of the university will be considered as 'outside my organization'.

Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse Kaffee

Confirm the out-of-office message with 'Ok'.

The automated out-of-office filter rule sends for every sender only one single respond. Not every email will be answered with an out-of-office message.

Set up via Outlook Web Access

Alternatively it is possible to set up the out-of-office message via the Outlook Web Applikation (OWA). Here you can find the corresponding Settings under 'Options' (top right) and there under 'Automatic replies':
Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse Kaffee

Please do not use the 'Respond with a message' or with just one additional condition 'Except it is an automated respond'. This rule will also be applied to error messages and other automated out-of-office filter rules (incl. possible loops).