Hermes: set up of central filter rules

Create email filter

In the Hermes mail system the creation of complex rule sets for incoming emails is possible. This is made possible by the filter language 'Sieve' (RFC3028).

A simplified configuration interface is offered within the filter settings in webmailer Roundcube.

Preconfigured filter set (in german)

Since 9 July 2018 automatically the preconfigured filter set is applied for newly created mailboxes. The filter set contains by default only disabled rules, that can be activated by the owner of this mailbox.

Further information can be found at


Filter sets and filter rules

It is possible to hold different filter sets (Sieve: scripts, Roundcube: filter sets), but just one filter set can be active at a time. This method allows to hold certain scripts for a specific cause, e.g. a filter set can be set up for out-of-office time, which generates an automatic reply or redirects incoming emails to the out-of-office replacement, and a filter set for the rest of the time. By enabling the specific filter set it is easy to switch between them. Only a maximum of five filter sets can be saved.

Each filter set is either empty or consists of one or more filter rules. A filter rule always consists of one or more preconditions and one or more actions. Filter rules will be processed in the order set in the filter set. But it is possible to prevent the processing of subsequent filter rules.


  • There can be several filter sets, but only one can be enabled at a time. Also no filter set can be active.
  • Each filter set can contain various rules. These will be processed in the given order. Individual rules can be disabled, these will be skipped while processing.
  • Each rule has one or more preconditions and one or more actions. These actions will only be executed if the preconditions are met.
  • The rule evaluation will not be stopped after a successfull rule execution, other applicable rules will be processed. This is important for e.g. multiple redirects.

On the following linked sites you can find instructions for typical cases of application.

We recommend to start with the preconfigured filter set (in german) and adjust them according to your requests.