Configure mail clients

To get access to your mailbox you need a mail client.

For using the email services via web browser there are webmail applications available. To be able to use these solely a web browser is required.

Alternatively for frequent use it is tempting to use an installed mail client on the terminal device. To get access the email account has to be configured in the particular client. The settings needed therefore are collected on the overview site:

mail server addresses (in german)


Configuration of common email clients


We hold for common mail clients our own step by step instructions instructions. But please bear in mind, especially with the great variety of different mobile mail clients, that just a small part of the possible applications can be covered.
The following pages are at the time only available in german.

iOS Mail
Mozilla Thunderbird
Outlook 2019
Outlook 2016
Outlook 2013
Windows Mail
Apple Mail
Android Mail
Pine / Alpine

Access to the exchange service of Kiel University:

configuration of access to exchange (in german)


More Information on the configuration of specific mail clients may be found on the German version of this page.