Signing up for RZ services

Point of Contact: Maren Roosch

Deputy PoC: Heino Klaus

Students are asked to consult the Studinet-Portal.

To sign up for RZ services, please fill out the corresponding form and send it, signed, to

Benutzerverwaltung des RZ
Ludewig Meyn Str. 4
24118 Kiel


Use Form 1 for

  • Samba storage („network storage”)
  • Graphics lab accounts
  • generic services (printing)
  • network and mail access
  • VPN access
  • institutional workstation accounts

Generic services“ are those which can incur costs, such as printing, laminating etc. This service is added on whenever you apply for any other of the services above (apart from just VPN and nothing else).

For institutional workstation accounts (e.g. analysis, benschsrv, dbapp) please note the name of the workstation required on the form and have it signed by the workstation administrator.

Your password will be generated automatically and be sent to you by internal mail. Please change the password immediately, but keep the initial password in a safe place. If you ever forget your password, it is easier for us to help you if you still have the initial password.

For High-Performance Computers nesh and the rzcluster kindly fill out Form 3.  If you additionally require capacity in Berlin (ZIB) or in Hannover (RRZN), please consult

Every user of RZ services will be issued an account name consisting of 5 letters and 3 digits. (The letters indicate your department.) Please include this account name with any further requests, as we are otherwise unable to match you in our files.

Termination of Services

Your account will by default expire on Feb. 15 of the following year. You or your manager will be sent an extension form for antoher year in a timely fashion, usually in December.


Service DE EN fillable online?
No. 1 New or additional services PDF PDF
No. 2 Backup PDF PDF  
No. 3 High Performance Computing PDF PDF  
No. 4 Project storage PDF PDF  
No. 10 Periphals usage PDF PDF  
No. 19 Encryption certificate PDF PDF  
No. 20 Flash Media Server PDF PDF  
No. 21 Wifi account management PDF PDF  
No. 15 Matlab PDF