Signing up for RZ services

Point of Contact: Sören Hentschel

Deputy PoC: Sarah Stelling und  Claudia Klingenberg

Students are asked to consult the Studinet-Portal.

To sign up for RZ services, please fill out the corresponding form and send it, signed, to

Benutzerverwaltung des RZ
Ludewig Meyn Str. 4
24118 Kiel

Use Form 1 for

  • Graphics lab accounts
  • General services
  • network and mail access
  • access via VPN (e.g. from home)
  • institutional workstation accounts

General services does not need to be booked, the associated services are included when the user account is created.

Each user of the data center receives a user account consisting of 5 letters and 3 digits. Please provide your user account with every request and correspondence with the computing centre, especially when registering for additional services. If you have a valid contract at Kiel University, a CIM identifier will be assigned by Human Resources. The user account will be linked to the CIM identifier if there is a valid contract known to us.

The password must be set in the CIM portal. After successful processing of the application, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to do this.

For institutional workstation accounts (e.g. analysis, benschsrv, dbapp) please note the name of the workstation required on the form and have it signed by the workstation administrator.

For High-Performance Computers kindly fill out Form 3.

Termination of Services

The right of use ends on February 15 or August 15 of the following year. If the contract is known to us, the right of use is based on the validity of the contract.


Service DE EN digitally fillable?
No. 1 New or additional services PDF PDF
No. 2 Backup PDF PDF
No. 3 High Performance Computing PDF PDF
No. 4 Anmeldung eines Projekt-Netzlaufwerks PDF  
No. 10 Periphals usage PDF PDF
No. 21 Wifi account management PDF PDF
No. 22 Einrichtung VPN-Zugang zum Institutsnetzwerk – bitte beachten Sie das Merkblatt zu Instituts-VPNs PDF  
No. 24 Nutzung eines zentralen RZ-­Verzeichnisdienstes PDF  
No. 25 Nutzung des CAU-­Identitätsproviders PDF  
No. 26 Einrichtung einer Projektgruppe auf dem zentralen gitlab des Rechenzentrums PDF


No. 27 Einrichtung eines Tape-Speichers PDF


No. 31 Antrag auf Einrichtung eines Abrechnungscodes PDF  
No. 32 Elektronisches Laborbuch PDF  
Notebookantrag PDF