CIM identifier

The CIM identifier in the form 'abc123' can be used for services that are not role-specific, such as access to the CIM service portal or logging in via the CAU-Identitätsprovider (identity provider) for external services such as Zoom. For employees of Kiel University, research assistants and students, the CIM identifier is the identifier that belongs to the personal account.

In the CIM migration phase, the identifier is derived from your RZ identifier by omitting the first two letters (e.g.: RZ identifier: suabc123 → CIM identifier: abc123).

Users who do not belong to the group of employees, research assistants and students of Kiel University do not have a CIM identifier. They have separate access to the CIM service portal with each valid RZ identifier, so they do not see their RZ identifiers - if several exist - in the overview.