Communication and Information Services

The department "Communication and Information Services" designs, develops and supervises all campus-wide communication services (mail, calendar and collaboration platform) and web services (content management system, web applications and web services) including the corresponding databases. Moreover, the depeartment is responsible for the central identity management (IdM) of Kiel University as well as the connected directory services (LDAP/AD). Where necessary, it also develops and implements special procedures and specific database solutions, e.g, the publication repositories of the university library.

Head: Dirk Krämer

Title Phone Email
Werner Frerichs 880-3582 frerichs(at)
Dirk Krämer 880-4661 kraemer(at)
Stefanie Lehmann 880-2751 lehmann(at)
Dr. Ulrich Schwarz 880-1403 schwarz(at)
Peter Wullinger 880-3582 wullinger(at)