Scientific Computing and Research Data

The department "Scientific Computing and Research Data" is responsible for the requirements analysis and design of powerful resources for scientific computing and the procession of large scientific data and, furthermore, provides help and support for scientific users. In particular, it assists users in parallelization, vectorization and optimization of programs, helps to design suitable work flows for scientific applications, and gives support in the application of trans-regional compute resources of the next higher performance class. By offering courses, general support and project participations on the one hand and being a member of the Computational Science Centre on the other, the department creates the connection between methodological sciences, scientific-technical user groups and providers of high performance (super)computers.

Head: Dr. Holger Marten

Title Phone Email
Dr. Karsten Balzer 880-4659 balzer(at)
Karen Bruhn 880-1430 k.bruhn(at)
Dr. Simone Knief 880-2766 knief(at)
Dr. Holger Marten 880-1020 marten(at)
Thilo Paul-Stüve 880-1969 paul-stueve(at)
Thorge Petersen 880-7153 petersen(at)
Britta Petersen 880 1965 b.petersen(at)
Axel Wedemeyer 880-6822 wedemeyer(at)