Studies, Teaching, Administration

The department "Studies, Teaching and Administration" is responsible for campus-wide information and administration IT systems. It operates on a project-oriented basis and in close cooperation with the respective departments, faculties and disciplines. Key areas are the IT services for campus management, research management and e-learning as well as all administration-related IT systems such as personnel, financial and document management. The department works in close coordination with the service centre for research, IT and strategic innovation and performs IT-related projects in this context.

Head pro tempore: Dirk Krämer

Title Phone Email
Markus Alber 880-5920 alber(at)
Dr. Marcel Austenfeld 880-4807 austenfeld(at)
Benjamin Bruhn 880-3048 bruhn(at)
Axel Dennert 880-1879 dennert(at)
Peter Engel 880-7288 engel(at)
Sabine Gliesmann +49 1516 7550618 gliesmann(at)
Tobias Gutzeit 880-1065 gutzeit(at)
Aram Hakobyan 880 7146 hakobyan(at)
Remigiusz Hil 880-3046 hil(at)
Thomas Jensen 880-3044 jensen(at)
Dirk Krämer 880-4661 kraemer(at)
Frauke Langhein 880-3049 langhein(at)
Jens Mewes 880-3043 mewes(at)
Felix Meyer 880-3041 meyer(at)
Marcel Severin 880-1872 severin(at)
Helene Simon 880-1885 simon(at)
Dr. Andreas Techen 880 3098 techen(at)
Reinhard Wendt 880 3246 wendt(at)
Bianca Wilgen 880-1063 wilgen(at)