Servers and Storage

The department "Servers and Storage" designs and maintains services in the areas of data storage, backups, server hosting and housing. In addition, it is not only responsible for  the administration of all central servers, clusters and data storage systems within the Computing Centre but also designs and operates the central monitoring systems.

Head: Markus Rebensburg

Title Phone Email
Thomas Arpe 880-1966 arpe(at)
Sascha Frick 880-6382 frick(at)
Henrik Huth 880-4307 huth(at)
Katharina Höflich 880-6821 hoeflich(at)
Dr. Holger Naundorf 880-1990 naundorf(at)
Markus Rebensburg 880-1984 rebensburg(at)
Torsten Wittrock 880-4980 wittrock(at)