User Services

The department "User Services" is the interface for workspace-related IT services. The central help desk, including its ticket system and telephone support, is central contact point for all services of the Computing Centre. The department governs the IT workplace infrastructure and the client management. Furthermore, an IT consulting team provides IT solutions and support in accordance with the agreed scope of service of the relevant institution. Account and service management, as well as the management of central licences, supplement the workspace-related IT services.

Head: Dr. Lars Kühnel

In addition to staff listed here, a number of  student and research assistants work in this department.

Title Phone Email
Florian Albrecht 880-3045 albrecht(at)
Michael Bartz 880 2096 bartz(at)
Alexander Goldbaum 880-2759 goldbaum(at)
Sören Hentschel 880-6388 hentschel(at)
Claudia Klingenberg 880-1394 klingenberg(at)
Dr. Lars Kühnel 880-2770 kuehnel(at)
Larisa Rebelein 880-7306 rebelein(at)
Maren Roosch 880-2773 m.roosch(at)
Bert Schinkel-Momsen 880-2771 schinkel(at)