Guidelines for the operation of mailing lists

Requirements for the operation of a mailing list on the list server of the computing centre:

  • the owner must be a member of the  Kiel University
  • He must have a valid email account within the computing centre. With this account he authenticates himself with the list server.
  • Only one email address from the university area may be used to manage a list.
  • The name of the list must indicate to which institution it belongs. Inter-university names are only established after consultation with the computing centre.
  • The rules of the computing centre's usage regulations must be complied with.


Please note the following when using mailing lists:

  • The character set for the name of a mailing list is limited. As a rule, the name of a list should consist of the letters 'A...Z', numbers '0...9' and the hyphen '-'. Spaces, punctuation marks, umlauts and special characters cannot be used.
  • The name of the mailing list should be short but meaningful. The mailing list is then accessible under the name <listname> If the mailing list has a unique reference to a facility, it is useful to indicate this reference by using the abbreviation of the facility as a prefix or suffix.
  • The title line of a mailing list describes the topic or purpose of the list. The title line must not contain any umlauts or special characters and should also be kept short and meaningful.
  • The owner of a mailing list must be reachable promptly via his email address. If necessary he must take care of a substitution regulation. If it is not possible to reach the owner via email, the operation of the site can be stopped.
  • Each owner of a list automatically becomes a member of the 'listowner-l' list via which the computing centre is informed about relevant changes in connection with the operation of mailing lists. It is not possible to unsubscribe from this mailing list.
  • The functions provided by the mailing list software used may be restricted by the computing centre for operational reasons.


If you have further questions, please contact the postmasters of the computing centre: