University email addresses are regularly the target of phising attacks (information about Phishing (in german)). Please always keep being informed with the news from the computing centre (in german).
Please always check the identity of the requesting website before entering your user name and/or password.

Access to your mailbox via a web application

The computing centre of Kiel University offers a web-based service for both email services (Hermes and Exchange) to access the email mailboxes.
Whether a Hermes or Exchange account is booked for you, can be found within the service booking information in Identity Management.

Hermes mailboxes

Link available for
roundcube Access to Hermes-Webmail (Roundcube) Students and employees with Hermes mailbox

Access to Bedework Calender

Students and employees with Hermes mailbox
Outlook on the Web Access to Exchange Webmailer (OWA) Employees with Exchange mailbox
Login for Hermes accounts is done using the user account (RZ ID, usually stu123456 or suabc123) and the service password ("email password") for the Hermes service. The passwords can be changed via the CIM Portal.

Login for Exchange accounts is done with the "qualified user account" with a preceding or following login domain:

uni-kiel.de\suabc123 (preferred)


Automatic filtering, answering or forwarding of received emails

Rules for automatic filtering of emails, setting up automatic replies (automated out-of-office filter rule), or forwarding to another email address (redirect) can be made in the filter settings of the respective webmailer.

Help for setting up filters