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The University Computing Centre supplies all members of Kiel University with a personal email address and with a mailbox for sending and receiving mails for the duration of their employment or study.



Setting up a mailbox on the high performance Hermes cluster. The mailbox can be accessed via IMAP or webmail. Employees and faculties have the possibility to set up an exchange mailbox, which can be accessed via Outlook.

  • Hermes mailbox features

    • unlimited storage
    • high performance
    • program-based access with all common mail programs via IMAP, POP
    • web-based access via webmail
    • connection to the calendar service of Kiel University Computing Centre
  • Exchange mailbox features

    • support of all Microsoft Office Outlook features
    • integrated calendar function
    • program-based access via MS Outlook
    • web-based access via OWA

Email address

At their matriculation students receive an email address in the form of '', which has to be activated by following the studinet portal instructions. Furthermore, an email address in the form of can be applied for by following the studinet portal instructions.

A lot of faculties have their own email domain in the form of <facultyabbreviation> Employees of these faculties in general receive an email address within this domain via the network representative of the regarding faculty. Alternatively, employees can apply for an email address in the form of '' at the University Computing Centre.

A few institutes operate their own mail server. Due to this, the responsible mail server operator of the regarding institute is in charge of the assignment of accounts and email addresses. Whether your institute operates a mail server, can be found out by consulting the network representative of the regarding institute or by consulting the post master of the University Computing Centre.

Automatic spam checking and virus scanning for incoming and outgoing mails

Prior to delivery, incoming and outgoing emails are checked for viruses. Infected mails are automatically transferred into quarantine and will not be delivered. Further information regarding this service can be found here. (in German)

Moreover, prior to delivery mails are provided with a SPAM index, which indicates whether the mail might be SPAM or not. Based on the index the user may use a filter, which prevents indicated email from getting to the user. filters the SPAM. A detailled instruction regarding this can be found here.

Spam-ratings can be adjusted manually with a web application. How to do this is explained here.
Incoming connection requests of external mail servers are being analysed with the Greylisting method for reducing the amount of spam mails. A detailled description of this method can be found here. (in German)


To sign up for the email service employees fill in and sign the form #1 from this download portal and send it to:

Benutzerverwaltung des RZ
Ludewig Meyn Str. 4
24118 Kiel

or hand it in directly at the Computing Centre (Hermann-Rodewald-Str. 3, service room, or Ludewig-Meyn-Str. 4, 1st floor). The login details and further information will be send to you.

With the matriculation, students are asked to activate their email address via the studinet portal.



A service availability of 99.98% is the aspired goal. If the service is nevertheless not available, please consider looking at the service ample on the right-hand side for figuring out whether there is a known problem regarding this service.


In case of any questions or problems please consult our hotline, or phone (Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm) under 880-5555.