WiFi setup for Linux

You can set the connection up from home or anywhere else where you have internet access. In that case you can skip Step 1.

Step 1: To be able to setup the connection to eduroam, you have to download the configuration assistent. You'll need internet access to do so. If you have an established internet connection, skip this step. You can download the assistent on a different computer and transfer it via USB to the device to want to connect to eduroam, if that is more convenient.

Connect to setup eduroam, a network set up to be used in exactly this case. This network is available at several spots over campus and will only allow you the access to the websites you need to setup your connection. All the information regarding the setup eduroam network and its locations can be found here: setup eduroam WiFi network

Step 2: Download the configuration assistent: Download configuration assistent cat.eduroam.org

Step 3: The configuration assistent is a Python-script. To execute it take teh following steps: 



Terminal öffnen

Open the folder in which the Python-script was saved after the download (e.g. ~/Downloads/) and open the Terminal via right click. If you don't have the option to open the Terminal via right click you can open the Terminal via the menu and navigate to the correct directory using "cd" (if the file is saved in Downloads, type "cd Downloads").

Python ausführen

Execute the script using the following command: python3 eduroam-linux-Default.py

Step 4: Follow the configuration assistent's instructions.

Enter your username and password. The username has to be of the following pattern:

For employees: suabc123@uni-kiel.de

For students: stu123456@uni-kiel.de


Benutzernamen angeben

Passwort angeben

Passwort wiederholen

Step 5: If the configuratuion assistent finished successfully, you should be able to connect to eduroam via the tray-icon of the network manager.



Tray Icon




Authentication error

Make sure your using the correct password, if you're unsure set a new one in the CIM-Service-Portal

Follow all the steps again, take special care in typing your username as described in step 4.


No network manager installed

The configuration assistent will create a configuration file fpr wpa_supplicant, if the network manager isn't installed. You can use this to connect to eduroam without a network manager. For further information about wpa_supplicant please refer to you distribution's documentation.

If the network manager is installed and you still only get the configuration file for wpa_supplicant, check if the package "python-dbus" or "python3-dbus" is installed. If not, install it.