WiFi setup for Windows 10

Step 0: Please note that the use of eduroam is only possible if you have set a password for the "eduroam" service in the CIM portal.

The setup can be done from home, only step 5 needs to be done on campus. In case you are doing the setup from home, you can skip step 1.

Step 1:

To be able to setup the connection to eduroam, you have to download the configuration assistent. You'll need internet access to do so. If you have an established internet connection, skip this step. You can download the assistent on a different computer and transfer it via USB to the device to want to connect to eduroam, if that is more convenient.

Connect to setup eduroam, a network set up to be used in exactly this case. This network is available at several spots over campus and will only allow you the access to the websites you need to setup your connection. All the information regarding the setup eduroam network and its locations can be found here: setup eduroam WiFi network

Verbindung mit setup eduoram herstellen

Step 2: Download the configuration assistent: Download configuration assistent cat.eduroam.org

Auf den Button


Step 3: Execute the downloaded file. Depending on the browser you used, the location of the file can vary. It can be in your Downloads folder (e.g. Google Chrome) or in a temporary folder (e.g. Firefox).

The following screenshot can help you find the file using Firefox. It will appear in the upper right corner of your browser once it's done.

Die heruntergeladene Datei sollte sich im Downloadsordner oder über den Browser finden lassen


Step 4: Follow the instructions of the configuration assistent as shown in the following pictures.

Startseite Installationsprogramm: auf

Click Next.

Zweiter Schritt Installationsprogramm, auf OK klicken

Click OK. The assistent will continue installing the network profile.

Die Installation wurde abgeschlossen, auf

Once it's done click Finish.

Step 5: 

Afterwards Windows should inform you that login credentials are needed for the eduroam network.

Enter your username and password. The username has to be of the following pattern:

For employees: suabc123@uni-kiel.de

For students: stu123456@uni-kiel.de

Make sure there is no blank space behind or in front of your username.

Im Fenster er Windows-Sicherheit Benutzername und Kennwort eingeben

Step 6:

 After a few seconds you should be connected to eduroam.

Eduroam verbunden






Authentication error

Make sure your using the correct password, if you're unsure set a new one in the CIM-Service-Portal

Follow all the steps again, take special care in typing your username as described in step 4.