Set the status

Setzen eines Status für andere CAU-Cloud NutzerInnen

CAU Cloud allows you to set a status, which is a short description of whether you are currently available, or if you do not want to be disturbed because you are in a meeting, for example. This status will be shown to other users if they share a file with you, or if you are in a shared chat room with them. You can set a status by opening the account menu on the far right of the top menu bar by clicking on your avatar or initials. From the context menu select the item Set Status or click on the last set status, which you can also view here. A window will open where you can first select the status between Online, Away, Do not disturb and Invisible. Additionally, you can optionally add a status message, as well as an icon to the left of the message. Or you can choose from a selection of predefined status messages. Below you can select if and when the message should be deleted automatically and then save the message with the button Set status message.