CAU-Cloud data lifecycle

The CAU-Cloud is a storage service, that allows sharing files and folders quite easily, compared to other storage services. Independant of shares, all files are attributed to an owner and therefore the account of this owner. Once this owner leaves the university, the data will be deleted 6 month after the resignation. Therefore it is quite important to transfer the ownership of shared data to the colleagues. 

If you are working on a shared folder within a workgroup or a project, we would suggest to choose an owner, that is working as long as possible within this project or workgroup, in most cases this would be the group- or project leader.


Account is created

Account applied or university enrollment

After the account is created, the directory service is filled with the new accounts data.

max. 4 hours later

Account gets activated in the CAU-Cloud

As some special attributes are needed within the directory service, those attributes are filled in for new accounts every 3 hours. The CAU-Cloud looks for new accounts once an hour, so in total it can take up to 4 hours for an account to get active in the CAU-Cloud.

Account expires

De-registration vom the university or end of an employment contract

After the account gets locked by the user administration, the access to the CAU-Cloud by password as well as generated access tokens and app passwords will be disabled as well.

One week after account expiration

Move data into quarantine

The files owned by the account are moved into quarantine. Shared files and folders are not accessible by other users anymore. Also before moving the files, the list of shares will be generated and saved. The quarantine starts one week after disabling the account, as it is not unusual that some account get reactivated within a week after expiration. The quarantine duration is 6 month.

During the quarantine

Users are missing files and folders

As there are many shared files and folders within the CAU-Cloud, people who received a share will notice missing files, that were moved into quarantine. In this case, please contact the CAU-Cloud Support via and state which files you are missing as detailed as possible. An administrator will verify the eligibility to access the quarantined files via the saved share list and will provide you with the missing files.

6 month after quarantine

Data is deleted

6 month after the data is moved into quarantine the data will be deleted automatically and irreversible. Therefore it is important that shared files are transferred to another owner, once a member of the universiry leaves.