Personal information

Ändern von persönlichen Informationen in den Einstellungen

In your personal settings you can set their personal information. It is not unusual that you would have to enter your password again to be allowed to change this information.

This information includes the avatar, through which you can be quickly recognized by other users. The avatar can, but does not have to be a photo of you, but can be any image. It is also without photo quite helpful for colleagues if you set an avatar. To set an avatar, you can either upload a file or select an existing file from your CAU cloud.

Other important settings include the language, here you can select in which language you would like to use the CAU Cloud web interface. E-mails that you receive from the CAU Cloud will also be sent in this language.

The other fields allow you to specify various contact information, such as address, phone number, website. You can select above each information for whom it is visible, this can be Private, then only people can see this information who have each other in the address book and have matched this state by matching the phone book in the mobile talk application. The next visibility level is Local, this information is only available to CAU Cloud users. The Federated option expands this circle to connected trusted clouds, currently no other clouds are connected. If you select the Published option, the information will be transferred to a global address book.

This information can be displayed on a profile page, provided that you can activate it in the personal settings. Below the attributes, if the profile page is enabled, you have a Profile Visibility section where you can select for each attribute whether the information should be hidden, or whether it should be displayed only to logged-in users or to everyone.

Vorschau eines CAU-Cloud Profils