Kiel University hires Microsoft Office, Win 10 Upgrade and CALs (Microsoft federal contract)

Kiel University has entered a rental contract regarding software with Microsoft (for business purposes) as of summer 2016. Due to the accession of Kiel University to the federal contract for universities, the so-called "Bundesvertrag", this became possible. The rental contract has the same effect as a fixed-term campus license for specific Microsoft products.

The most important features/effects of the rental contract:

  • Current rental period: 1 May 2016 to 30 April 2017
    The usage is, to begin with, agreed upon only for this period of time by contract. However, a succession plan is already being prepared.
  • Rented Microsoft product bundle: Education Desktop with CoreCAL-Suite. The bundle contains:
    • Windows 10 Education Upgrade
    • Office Professional Plus 2016 and Office 2016 for Mac
    • CoreCAL Suite, consists of
      (Explanation: "CAL" = Client Access License = License regarding the access of server software):
      • Windows Server CAL
      • Exchange Standard CAL
      • Sharepoint Standard CAL
      • Skype for Business Standard CAL
      • System Center Configuration Manager Client Management License
  • License granting, rights of use:
    • Attention please! The following is a non-binding interpretation of formulations extracted from the contract documents
      WARNING: Only the content of the contracts between Kiel University and Microsoft is binding
    • A few arguments in favour of the deduction of the presented usage rights are collected on a separate page.
    • For the above mentioned rental period the following aspects are AT LEAST covered:
      • The usage of the above mentioned products on all desktop pcs and notebooks of Kiel University, on which Windows Professional COULD be executed locally.
        • Restriction: For performing Windows 10 Education Upgrade there HAS to be a basic license on the relevant device. The same applies to usage of an earlier version or a permitted lower edition of the Windows operating system.
      • For the usage of several services on Microsoft servers, not only the service has to be set up and licensed, but also the so-called 'Client Access Licenses' (CALs) are required. Those licenses can be assigned to devices or to persons. However, they have had to be acquired separately prior to the accession to the Microsoft Bundesvertrag. The rental contract comprises the above explained Core-CAL-Suite, so client access licenses of the above mentioned types can be assigned to all qualified devices, as well as "scientific employees" and "other employees".

      • Instead of Windows 10 Education Upgrade also Windows 10 Enterprise Upgrade can be used.
      • All language variants may be used.
      • Both platform variants (32bit/64bit) may be used.
      • All earlier versions may be used.
  • Installation files
    The IT officer of the respective department is in charge of the distribution of the relevant installation files. The IT officers can be detected by looking up the regarding UnivIS entry or by consulting the head of department.