Select Plus at Kiel University

Select Plus: Discounted purchase of Microsoft licenses by faculties of Kiel University for the business use

For this purpose Kiel University closed a Select Plus framework contract with Microsoft in 2009. Select Plus is "open end" and ends upon termination of this contract either by Microsoft or Kiel University. Orders can only be made via faculties of Kiel University or their representative. (Select Plus consists of three pools of license types: application pool, server pool, system pool. Each license, that can be ordered via Select Plus, belongs to one of the above mentioned pools. For each pool the discounted prices are only acquired, if a minimum number of points, which can be obtained via orders, has been achieved in that pool within a year.)

Licenses can generally be purchased with or without Software Assurance (SA). SA grants the right to use versions of the software that are released after the purchase of the license without further charges. However, this is only valid until the closing date after the third year of the purchase has taken place. In this context: The closing date of the Kiel University Select Plus contract is 1 April of a year. SA can also be extended. This has to be within 30 days after expiration of a previous SA.

Orders in accordance with the contract are conducted via ( via the company asknet/Karlsruhe. For using this web shop order access is required. This can be requested via "Neu registrieren" at the right upper side of the start page of the web shop. asknet states: "An employee needs an activation request. This has to be stamped by your faculty and the address of your faculty has to be stated on the request." 

The use of licenses acquired in Select Plus is (among other things) subject to the regarding framework contract text and the Product Usage Rights (PURs), extracted reference from the Microsoft website "Microsoft product licensing", alternative: archived PUR version from October 2014)

The use of licenses acquired in Select Plus is (among other things) subject to the relevant framework contract (in German) (PDF, only available within Kiel University network) and the product terms , extracted reference from the following Microsoft website "Microsoft product licensing" A further alternative is to download the: archived version from June 2016 (PDF) (in German)


Select Plus news

  • 2 August 2016: After a short "time out" Microsoft has now made products included in the system pool (e.g. Win 10 Education upgrade and Win 10 Professional upgrade) available in Select Plus again.