Microsoft licenses - as of summer 2016

Kiel University has the opportunity to use several Microsoft license programs for acquiring utilization rights for software of this company.

Utilization rights for Microsoft products may be permanent, however, they can be also be valid for a specific period of time. Microsoft license programs can be used by all members of Kiel University. Nevertheless, the manufactorer may also just provides licenses to specific parts of Kiel University. Moreover, there are obviously differences regarding the usage on pcs of Kiel University and on private computers.

  • Microsoft for rent: Federal contract
    Kiel University has acquired a limited/temporary utilization right for a restricted Microsoft product bundle for business use on computers of Kiel University, which includes in particular:
    • Office Professional Plus 2016,
    • Windows 10 Education Upgrade and
    • Client access licenses on Windows server
    Initially, this utilization right is limited until 30 April 2017. A renewal, however, is already in preparation. (state: July 2016) Further information can be obtained at: "Kiel University hires Microsoft Office Win10 Upgrade and CALs (Microsoft federal contract)".
  • Microsoft for purchase: Select Plus
    For permanent/unlimited licenses there is no such global arrangement with Microsoft. For acquiring permanent Microsoft licenses, Kiel University concluded a so-called "Select Plus" contract with Microsoft. Licenses are acquired directly by faculties of Kiel University via a web shop of the company "asknet" in Karlsruhe. Further information regarding Select Plus can be obtained at "Select Plus at Kiel University"
  • Microsoft DreamSpark Premium
    Furthermore, two faculties joined the Microsoft program "DreamSpark Premium". Due to this program, they can offer their students and employees product packages with specific utilization rights. Further information can be obtained at " Dreamspark Premium at Kiel University "
  • Microsoft on private devices
    Information regarding privately obtainable Microsoft Education licenses and couple up license programs for private usage of Microsoft software can be obtained at " Microsoft for private computers "


The first and the second license programs are both volume license programs. The circle of beneficiaries is restricted in the document "Microsoft-Berechtigungskriterien für Qualifizierte Nutzer für Forschung & Lehre (EMEA)" (PDF version of February 2016, downloaded 4 July 2016). (both in German)