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Important notice:
Effective Jan. 1st 2017, we will cease to offer centralized printing and laminating services. The following replacement services exist:

For paper size up to A3, you can use the Ricoh multi-purpose printer/copiers. These are provided through Facility Management, who provide Information, Manuals and F.A.Q.s (in German).

For poster-sized printing, starting Jan. 1st, we cooperate with an external partner to provide a convenient way to have your posters printed and delivered to campus. Please find more information at

As of January 2017 the University Computing Center does not offer printing services using their own devices any more.

However, for all areas new alternatives are available.

For all paper formats up to DIN A3 (29.7cm * 42cm, 11in * 16in) you can use the Ricoh multi purpose copy systems, that are available all over the campus.

More information about these copy systems can be found at


For printing of posters using formats A2 (42cm * 59cm, 16in * 23in) up to A0 (84cm*118cm, 33in * 46in) or even bigger, and also for lamination orders, there is the offer to use an external provider to produce the printouts. Upload of files and parametrization of print jobs is still done using a web page of Kiel University.

You can find detailed information about the new offers, the included services and costs on our

   Poster print page

To be able to use the new services, it is necessary to comply with a few requirements. E.g. every person who wants to use the new services must have an account (with password) within the central user directory 'Active Directory', that is managed by the Computing Center.

In addition to that, the institution must have a so-called billing code that is used for billing purposes and to enable individual usage of services. The same billing codes are used for the multi purpose copy systems, so most institutions already have such a billing code. Only one billing code per institution is needed.

Details about registration for the new services can be found at

   the resgistration documentation page

If these changes have not already been discussed within your institution, we would like to ask you to address these topics. The management of your institution has to decide, if you want to use the new services starting at January 2017. If so, further steps have to be taken that are described on the documentation pages
mentioned before.

If you have any questions regarding these topics, please contact