Registration for printing service


As of January 2017, Kiel University Computing Centre does not offer printing or laminating services using their own devices any more. For printing of posters an internal tendering has been performed, so Kiel University employees can print posters in a quick and easy way by an external provider. More detailed information regarding this new offer can be obtained at

This page explains which formal requirements have to be fulfilled, which applications have to be filed, so employees can use the service in the future. Whether this is desired and if so to what extent is decision of the regarding institution.

For using this external service the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

Application - summary

  • The institutions needs a so-called billing code, for which poster printing is activated. The head of the institution has to apply for this billing code. A staff member has to be appointed to be authorized representative for this code.
    • In case your institution already has a billing code for the copying systems, this code can simply be activated for using poster printing.
    • In case your institution does not already have a billing code, this can be applied for with a simple application form. Please mark 'Posterdruck' as the desired service.
  • Employees do also need an RZ account in the Active Directory. This can be applied for at the user administration of the Computing Centre.
  • Those RZ accounts of the employees, that should be used for the service are entered into a web interface by the person entitled to this billing code.

Further details regarding these issues can be obtained in the following section:

Further details regarding registration

Billing code

What is a billing code?

For using the printing and laminating service, starting January 2017, your institution needs a so-called billing code. For using this billing codes, employees of the regarding institution have to be activated. When services like the multifunctional copiers or poster printing is used the orders will be added to the regarding billing code. The head of the department will receive (usually quarterly) a bill with the performed services of the provider.

Does my institution already have a billing code?

Billing codes have been used for administration of access to the  multifunctional copiers on campus. Institutions, that already used these copiers have had to register for these billing codes. In this case, employees have already been activated for using this billing code for copying.

Institutions on Kiel University campus, that are not in the UKSH area, usually do not need to register for a billing code. They simply have to let the billing code representative activate  poster printing.

Institutions on the UKSH campus, that do not use copying systems administered by facility management, usually do not have a billing code and thus have to register for a billing code.

Who is in charge of applying for a billing code and does everyone need a billing code?

Not everyone needs a billing code, since any number of employees can be assigned to a billing code. Usually you apply for one billing code for each institution. The bill contains a detailed listing of your usage, so you can create an internal attribution.

How do I apply? Where do I get the application form? Where can I obtain further information?

Further information can be obtained at the pages of the facility management. Here you can also find the application form  as well as further explanations .

Please send the filled in application form to

Universität Kiel
24118 Kiel


  • Institutions of UKSH-Campus Kiel usually have not been assigned to an 'Instanzenschlüssel' and can leave this out.
  • In case you want to use the billing code definitely for poster printing, please simply note this handwritten on the application form.

Accounts and passwords

Do I need a need account with a password?

The usage of all billing code services (e.g. poster printing) are only possible with authorization i.e. only after submitting with RZ account and password. Therefore the Computing Centre uses the directory service Active Directory. This directory service is also used for

  • Using Ricoh campus copier. Campus copier user do not need a new account.
  • Exchange
  • Login via Windows systems, which are administered in Active Directory by the Computing Centre staff. In this case it is also the workplace login data.

Usually a RZ account has the following structure suxxx123. You can obtain information about RZ account at the Signing up for RZ services page.

How do I apply for an account?

  • In many cases your account data has already been registered in Active Directory, because other services have been booked. You can get this information by email, if you use our self disclosure form
  • If you already have an RZ account for other services you can ask user administration informally to activate 'Active Directory'. Please also state your account data for this purpose. Local administrator can also create lists of accounts to be completed. The passwords will be transmitted to you with a private letter to your department.
  • In case there are any login problems (e.g. the password has been forgotten) please contact the same
  • In case you have not yet a Computing Centre account, please use the Hauptantragsformular of the Computing Centre and writer 'Active Directory for poster print' at 'Sonstiges'.
  • In case you forget your account data and which services have been activated, you can obtain this information via a  web interface. The regarding information will be send to your email address.


Activating accounts

Who administrates entitlements for using billing codes?

For each billing code a person of the institution is assigned, who is in charge of assigned RZ account data of staff members to the billing code. Further information can be obtained at Thus, this person enters entitlements for using the code and deletes them afterwards in case of a change of personnel.

Is it necessary to activate individual billing codes for individual services or is it enough to have a single billing code for several services?

If you have been assigned to a billing code once, you can use all services which are activated for this billing code. It is not necessary to activated individual billing codes for individual services.

How do I find out whether my account is assigned to a billing code and whether the desired service is activated?

Please see (Login with RZ account data and Active Directory Password). The assigned billing codes will be displayed, as well as the regarding activated services, such as copying and poster printing.