Poster print


Poster print at external provider starting January 2017

As of January 2017, Kiel University Computing Centre does not offer printing of posters using their own devices any more. However, there is an easy way to use an external provider for this service. The posters can be printed at the company 'W.E. Gut Gedruckt GmbH & Co. KG‘, Knooper Weg 175, 24118 Kiel.

The current contract lasts until December 2024.

This page describes details of the agreement and how to use the new service.


For login and billing purposes the billing codes, which are also used for the  multifunctional copiers available on the university campus, are used. Existing billing codes can easily be unlocked for the poster printing service. The institutions at the university that have registered a billing code, simply have to download a straightforward PDF application form for activating poster print.

The web application that is used by local administrators of billing codes, offers for each billing code a prefilled application form (please see  separate information page for administrators of billing codes). The signed application form has to be sent to Kiel University Computing Center, where the poster print service then will be activated for the regarding billing code. The company that is in charge of printing the posters will receive a copy of the application form for setting up a billing account.

Institutions not using billing codes, have to apply for a new billing code accordingly. Detailed information and application forms can be found at the pages of copy management and also at our separate information registration page for new services.

Submitting orders

Orders are submitted by uploading a pdf file on a Kiel University web page. Therefore a RZ-Kennung with the regarding password has to be used, which is assigned to at least one billing code which is activated for printing posters. The address for submitting orders via web upload is:
(only available from within the campus network or via VPN)



For the login the RZ-Kennung has to be used (i.g. suabc123) with the regarding Active-Directory password, which is also used for the multifunctional printers.

Services and prices

You can choose between the following materials. Detailed information regarding application purpose and properties of all materials can be obtained at the material description by the provider.

Material   Short description           Price category
EMBLEM Latex Posterpapier  170g photo paper, glossy        category 1
Smart Matt Paper  180g, high quality, matt category 1
EMBLEM Blueback professional  120g, silk-matt, 
suitable for outdoor use
category 1
Enviro®top 150g 150g, 
Recycling paper
category 1
OCE Red Label   75g white paper category 2
Mediatex Vento FR* textile fabric 220g  category 3
2D Vinyl foils transparent / white* Vinyl foils transparent / white   category 3
OCE Tyvek Banner Light and stable Polyolefin banner material  category 4

*minimum purchase for Mediatex Vento FR and 2D vinyl prints is 0,5m2, which is equal to DIN A1 size.

The actual prices of the regarding price categories can be obtained at the price list of the poster print service (available from within the campus network).

Additional Services

Inclusive services

The following inclusive services are provided:

  • fourfold format cutting
  • daily delivery to the return room at Kiel University Computing Centre at 10 am.
  • data check and data review (not content-related) 
  • format control and if necessary adjustment (after consultation)
  • checking embedded layers
  • technical support by phone/email during opening hours


Fee-based services

The following fee-based services are also provided:

  • hot lamination, matt or glossy
    Lamination can only be done for media of price category 1, it is not possible for INAPA Tecno Premium paper or textile fabric.
  • delivery service centre of Kiel
  • nationwide delivery, up until 5 kg  
  • international delivery
  • scanning

The actual prices of the service can be obtained at the price list of the poster print service (available from within the campus network).



When placing the order the collection location can be determined in the web interface. Please choose between the following locations:

  • return room Computing Centre Herrmann-Rodewald-Street. 3, first floor, room 218A (Monday-Friday from 7 am to 10 pm)
    please note the  information regarding return boxes in the return room.
  • branch Knooper Weg 175, production site (Monday-Thursday from 9 am - 5pm, Friday 9am-4pm)
  • branch Knooper Weg 35 (Monday-Thursday from 9 am - 5pm, Friday 9am-4pm)
  • branch Leibnizstraße 2, within Juridicum (Monday-Friday from 9 am - 5 pm)

The locations, which are close to campus, can be found at this map.

In individual cases a collection outside business hours can be agreed on by phone.

Delivery times

Regular orders

In case the order has been submitted until 3pm the delivery will take place in the return room of the Computing Centre on the next weekday until 10am. Orders which are collected at the branch Olshausenstreet 77 or Knooper Weg 35 will be ready to collect on the next weekday at 11am.

Please note, that that there is no production and delivery on Saturday or Sunday, as well as on public holidays. Thus orders which are submitted until Friday at 3pm are delivered on Monday at 10 am.

Urgent orders

It is also possible to place urgent orders. The company tries to complete also such orders quickly. However, it can also happen that due to a lack of free resources, orders cannot be processed promptly, so that it should not be planned that urgent orders are always processed. It is therefore always necessary to inquire with the provider in advance.

Please proceed as follows:

  • The order is submitted via the web site
  • For collecting the order the production site Knooper Weg 175 has to be chosen
  • Please state in the "Bemerkungsfeld" of the web interface that the offer is urgent
  • For avoiding unnecessary waiting time please phone (0431 / 888 6450) the provider in advance and agree upon a collection date.
  • The collection takes place at the production site at Knooper Weg 175


Any complaints have to be stated by submitting the original file, the print and the order data at the branch at Knooper Weg 175 within 6 working days.


Billings are generated quarterly directly by the provider via email to the billing address, which is assigned to the regarding billing code.


Gut-Gedruckt can be contacted by phone 0431 / 888 6450 and email

In case you have any questions or improvement suggestions regarding this service feel free to contact us: