WiFi setup for iOS/iPadOS

This is a step by step tutorial for connecting iPadOS 15 devices to the eduroam network. It should work just as well for iOS 15 devices.

Before you start the configuration, make sure all updates are installed.

Step 0: Please note that the use of eduroam is only possible if you have set a password for the "eduroam" service in the CIM portal.

If you tried to connect to the eduroma network before or if a set connections has stopped working, start with step 1. Otherwise, start with step 2.


Step 1: 

First, delete all entries concerning your stu- or su-account from the keychain or password manager. How to find said saved passwords can be found in the following links.

Password manager for iPadOS and iOS: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT211146

Afterwards delete the incorrect profile. For a tutorial on how to do that, click the link below.

Delete profiles on iPadOS and iOS: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/iphone/iph6c493b19/ios


Step 2: 

You have to download the configuration assistent for the setup. You need access to the internet to do so. If you have an established internet connection, skip this step.

Otherwise connect to setup eduroam, a network set up to be used in exactly this case. This network is available at several spots over campus and will only allow you the access to the websites you need to setup your connection. All the information regarding the setup eduroam network and its locations can be found here: setup eduroam WiFi network

Verbinden Sie sich in den WLAN Einstellungen mit dem Einrichtungsnetz setup eduroam

After a successful connection the WiFi tutorial website from the Rechenzentrum will open automatically. You can find the correct download link in the next step.

Step 3:  Download the configuration assistent for Apple devices: Download configuration assistent cat.eduroam.org

Eduroam CAT herunterladen

Step 4: Install the profile.

Open the Settings on your device and navigate to Profiles. Choose the eduroam profile and click install.

Klicken Sie in den Einstellungen auf

Klicken Sie oben links auf

Click through the installation.

Enter your username and password if prompted.. The username has to be of the following pattern:

For employees: suabc123@uni-kiel.de

For students: stu123456@uni-kiel.de

Make sure there is no blank space behind or in front of your username.  


Step 5:

After a few seconds you should be connected to eduroam. If you haven't been asked for your credentials before, this will happen upon connecting. Refer to the last step for more detailed information on your login credentials.

If the connection does not work automatically, navigate to "Settings" -> "WiFi". Click the blue "i" next to the eduroam network and disable "Auto join".


Schalten Sie die Funktion


Go back to the WiFi settings and turn the WiFi off and then on again. Then click eduroam. Now you should be asked for your credentials at the latest.

Geben Sie Ihre Nutzerdaten, wie in Schritt 4 spezifiziert ein.

After successfully connection you can enable "Auto join" again, if you wish.




Authentication error

Make sure your using the correct password, if you're unsure set a new one in the CIM-Service-Portal

Follow all the steps again, especially step 1. Take special care in typing your username as described in step 4.

Especially on iPadOS devices there are two different types of horizontal lines, only one works with the authentication. Always pick the shorter option.