Network drive/file server

The computing centre provides various network drives for storage and use of files. All services are accessible exclusively from the campus network or via VPN.


Home network drive

  • For storage of personal data, access is granted with your personal RZ username or stu username
  • Standard quota 50GB (If the quota is exhausted, a quota increase can be requested from the computing centre)
  • Daily data backup by the computing centre
  • No booking of service required, this service can be used by all employees and students. In the CIM portal of the computing centre you can see under which network path your personal home network drive can be reached


Project network drive

  • For storing or filing shared data
  • Suitable as network drive for institutes and faculties
  • Allocation of access authorizations by an freely selectable administrator
  • Daily data backup by the computing centre
  • Before applying for a storage offer, please contact the IT staff of your chair or faculty to find out how existing project network drives can be used at your faculty


Tape storage

  • Can be used as network drive
  • This offer is aimed at employees and faculties
  • For applications with very high space requirements and low access time demands
  • No data backup by the computing centre


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If you have any questions or problems, please contact the hotline, or by telephone (Mon-Fri 9-16) at 880-5555.


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  Home network drive no registration required


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