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The SAMBA and project data storage offerings have been replaced by network drive services and can no longer be reapplied for.

Existing customers can continue to use SAMBA and project data storage and will be informed by email about a changeover date.


Data storage for PC workstations

The computer centre provides storage space for general and special

data management of the computer workstations.

Current data can be stored and backed up here and files can be stored in the tape library.

These storage regions on a Windows computer can be integrated via the function Map network drive of the Windows File Explorer. Prerequisite for participation is the registration for the use of the computing centre with form 1 (see below under Registration; in the form Select Storage Services).

The division into three - clearly distinguishable - regions now makes it possible to adapt the use of the overall concept to personal needs.
  • Online data storage / project data storage
  • Own data backup
  • Data on tape (offline data storage)

The online storage region and the security region guarantee very short access times in addition to system stability. The offline data storage can also be accessed independently. Here, however, the access time must be seen as more flexible and must be considered accordingly.


Online data storage . . .

serves as storage of own documents of the current workplace of a computer.

The computing centre provides one storage region per computer for online data on a central, high-performance server, which is regularly backed up by the computing centre. Furthermore, the user has the possibility to access his backed up data independently. This storage region is limited to 20 GByte per computer due to its high quality. This quota is variable on request.

Advantages of central data storage over local storage:

  • increased system stability due to high-performance server
  • prevention of data loss due to automatic data backup
  • access from different computers if required due to central storage

Project data storage . . .

In contrast to the online data storage, the project data storage can be accessed not only by an individual, but by each member of a defined group of people. It is used for exchange, use and maintenance of databases of this group of people (project or employee group). The features otherwise correspond to those of the online data storage.


Own data backup . . .

This storage region is intended for the backup of data from the computer.

The data can be copied to this region either manually or by script.


  • This region of data storage is not subject to any further backup!
  • This storage region is limited to 50 GByte.

Alternatively, it is possible to have the data backup created by the computing centre. Without having to follow your own backup concepts, the computing centre can order the backup of previously named data directories of the computer. For this purpose, the application for participation of the computing centre Form 2 (Data Backup) must also be submitted.


Data on tape (offline data storage) . . .

is the type of data storage where all files are stored that no longer need to be directly accessed by the user, e.g. completed or temporarily unused data material.

A storage region of 500 GByte can be provided per computer for this purpose. This region is subject to migration - consequently, after some time this region is automatically "moved to tape". Independent access to the data stocks is still possible. The access time here is subject to a delay of minutes to hours.

Annotation: There are two tape copies per file for reliability reasons.

Overview of the data management options

  max. Größe Medium Zugriff Sicherung
 Online data storage  20 GByte  Hard disk fast  yes
 Project data memory  20   GByte  Hard disk fast  yes
 Own data backup  50   GByte  Hard disk fast  no
 Data on tape (offline data storage)  500 GByte  Tape slow no


If you have any questions or problems, please contact the hotline, or by telephone (Mon-Fri 9-16) at 880-5555.


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