Database service

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The computing centre provides several instances of the database system called Postgres for use in scientific projects.

The computing centre handles

  • Installation and maintenance of the used infrastructure (computer, operating system) as well as the database installation
  • Administration of the database instance
  • Backup and Restore
  • Instructions on usage

The following systems are available:

Database hosting: MySQL, Ingres, Postgres

The computing centre provides a current instance of the object-relational open source database system Postgres (
Postgis ( is a popular extension of the Postgres database system with geographical object types and functions.

There are several installations of the Ingres database system on campus, for which a campus license was previously available. Operation is still supported by the computing centre. The remaining instances are to be replaced in the medium term, with the computing centre supporting users to migrate to other systems. Although the Ingres instances are still being operated, they are all to be replaced in the medium term. New uses should no longer be established. Accordingly, the service no longer needs to be propagated to the outside world.