Database hosting: MySQL, Ingres, Postgres

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The Computing centre provides several instances of  MySQL and Postgres database systems for use in scientific projects. In addition, instances of  Postgis, a special variant of Postgres used for geographic applications,  are offered.



  • Installation and maintenance of the used infrastructure (servers, operating system) as well as the database installation
  • Administration of the database instances
  • Backup and Restore
  • Advice on usage



The database instances are generally not available worldwide. In consultation with the users, individual ip addresses or subnets within Kiel University are enabled for access.

Access is via the protocols of the database system used, using local clients.

In addition, generic web interfaces, specifically phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin, are provided for administrative purposes.

Service hours

  • Normally continous operation
  • Restarts (e.g. necessary after patching the system) can cause brief interruptions.


Responsible persons

The list of the  responsible persons is generated automatically.