Manuals for wireless network configuration

Please utilize the configuration assistant for a proper and secure configuration of your wireless devices. If your operation system is not listed or you dislike the usage of the configuration assistant the manual configuration page provide you with all necessary details.

Access to the configuration assistant

Important notice: On android and iOS devices the existing WiFi configuration for the "eduroam" must be removed.

If you have no alternative access to the internet, you can use the wifi configuration network, which is available on several locations on the campus.

Additional hints related to the configuration assistant 

  • iOS
    In case of connection problems, remove existing profiles by hand before running the assistant again.
  • Android
    Please be aware, the username must be suffixed by!
    You need to activate the lock-screen to be able to store certificates on the device. Futhermore you need to install the "eduroam CAT" app. It is available directly or on the listed app stores. The app is not able to remove previous created wireless profiles, it will ask you to do so.
    Google PlayStore
    Amazon Appstore


Further Information