Windows Terminal Server

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Provision of Windows-based applications and workstations by operating and maintaining native and Citrix-based Windows terminal server farms

Range of service


  • Terminal servers provide software- or hardware-based thin clients with Windows applications or even entire Windows desktops via corresponding protocols (under Windows basically RDP and ICA). They are used for environmental reasons and for reasons of TCO reduction, since costs for installation, provision, maintenance, care and support are saved. General considerations on the advantages of using thin clients/terminal servers compared to conventional workstation computers can be found e.g. at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft: see e.g. regarding the energy advantages and also regarding economic and ecological aspects/advantages.

  • The computing centre operates several 'farms' of Windows-based terminal servers, through which standard Windows applications, e.g. for office work, are made available to connected thin clients.
    • Terminal server farm for students at Kiel University and for applications without explicit user registration
    • General terminal server farm for the employees of Kiel University
    • Terminal server farm for the administration of Kiel University
    • Terminal server farm for internal use in the computing centre of Kiel University
  • Currently, both RDP and ICA (Citrix) are offered with regard to access technology. In the medium to long term, ICA/Citrix is to be to refrained.
  • In addition to operating the terminal server farms, the computing centre provides thin-client-based workstations in the HRS3 terminal room
  • The computing centre supports the facilities at Kiel University in switching from conventional workstation computers to thin-client-based workstations
  • Thin-client-based workstations of the facilities can be connected to the terminal server farms in the computing centre


Access by terminal server client software installed on the respective end devices (so-called RDP and ICA clients) or also from so-called thin clients

Service hours

  • 24 hours a day
  • The aim is an availability >99%.
  • Except for the restarts after the Microsoft patchday on the night of the 2nd Tuesday of the month no scheduled maintenance times



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