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Brief Description

The computing centre has procured a campus license for the X-Win32 software of the company Starnet. With the help of this software X-Window applications can be used on PCs under MS-Windows, which are usually available on UNIX/Linux systems.
The software can be used in all subnets of the university, including the hospital.


Free of charge for university institutes




The installation file can be downloaded from the campus network at
http://www.uni-kiel.de/sw/xwin32/x-win-latestversion-sf.exe. If you receive a message while using the software that a newer version is available, you can pass this on to campuslizenzen@rz.uni-kiel.de.The computing centre will then download the new version and make it available to you.



Starnet has changed the type of licensing when upgrading to this version. While in previous versions, users on campus entered a license key in which the list of authorized IP ranges was encoded, now it is usually necessary to use a license server.  This license server must be specified after installation when the software is activated. Select 'License Server' as activation type and enter the server lizmanxwin32.rz.uni-kiel.de and the port 5053 at Hostname.



If you have problems using the license server, please contact campuslizenzen@rz.uni-kiel.de. It is possible, especially for locations outside the central campus area, that authorizations still need to be added in the network components involved.

You can still change the licensing settings after installation. To do this, click on the program icon in the task bar on the right after starting the program, then on Help and then on Activate License.
In some cases, for example if the license server is not accessible from your network, it is possible to get an individual license key. Just send a mail to campuslizenzen@rz.uni-kiel.de.


at http://www.starnet.com



yourself, instructions for installation