Installing MATLAB on Linux/Unix

The following describes how to install and activate your copy of MATLAB. There are a few more steps to be taken before the actual installation. First, make sure that you meet the following requirements:

1. You have administrator rights on the target system
2. You have received the email with the MATLAB license data from the computing centre.
3. The latest Java version is installed on your system.

If you meet these requirements, we can start preparing the installation.

1. Create a new MATLAB installation directory using a command oline as follows: mkdir -p /opt/matlab<version>/etc


2. Different versions of MATLAB are installed in parallel.
3. Step 1 creates the directory etc in this directory, you have to copy the file license.dat, which you got from the computing centre (in the attachment of a mail with a different name). Using Ubuntu as an example this looks like the following:

4. Also the File Installation Key (formerly called PLP) should be copied from the file mentioned in number 2 of the requirements.

5. The drive on which the software is available can be accessed either with NFS or Samba. Under Ubuntu you need the packet cifs-utils. Afterwards the share can be mounted as follows:

For employees please use the following command:

a ) sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt/test/ -o username=<RZ user id>,,password=<your account password>

For students please use the following command:

b) sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt/test/ -o username=<stu number>,,password=<your account password>


6. Change to the installation directory and start the installation with the command install from the samba directory unix_and_mac


Now the preparation is finished and the installation begins.


Select Install without using the Internet and confirm with Next.



On this interface the license must be confirmed with Yes and Next.



Now we need the File Installation Key that was noted before to enter it under I have the File Installation Key for my license and confirm with Next.



Here one selects now the point Custom and must be now somewhat patient.


The installation path is: C:\Program Files\MATLAB\%Version%
Again, %Version% must be replaced by the Matlab version.



Here you can now select the desired Matlab components. It makes sense to select only those components that you have booked with the computing centre, since you can install more, but then you cannot use them.


The last windows are only for overview and can be confirmed easily.
If you have multiple installations of different MATLAB versions, make sure that the MATLAB links point to the version you want. We recommend a general directory with a link to the installation directory (e.g.: link from /opt/matlab to /opt/matlabR2010b).



If you have any problems or questions, please contact the RZ-Helpdesk.