Operation of HPC Linux Cluster

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In the computing centre there are different possibilities for scientific computing. Besides special machines for certain departments is also used in the HPC area, in this case the rzcluster, a compute cluster for batch and partial interactive operation.


Range of service


The software and the hardware for the use of the linuxcluster(rzcluster) is provided: BS = Scientificlinux 6, detailed description at

wiki : rzcluster.rz.uni-kiel.de


Your benefits


- No own provision of infrastructure, like power, cooling and resources for software updates and support

- Fast help from the HPC staff of the computing centre

- Central backup

- Licenses are provided by the computing centre.



The service is available 24 hours a day in normal operation.

available 24/7

Service hours

Normal maintenance work (software/hardware update) can be carried out without interruption.

When restarting a calculation node, it must first be empty, if possible (no more batch jobs on it).

When restarting the loginnodes, a message should be written to the users.


If you have any questions or problems, please contact the hpcsupport@rz.uni-kiel.de or by telephone

Mr. Dr. Nielsen nielsen@rz.uni-kiel.de


Mr. Wagner  wagner@rz.uni-kiel.de




Mr. Dr. Balzer balzer@rz.uni-kiel.de


Mrs. Dr. Knief  knief@rz.uni-kiel.de



Responsible for assigning login ids: Head of the institute and signing of an application for high-performance computing in the rz.




This list of responsible service supervisor is generated automatically.