Mailing lists

This is an unofficial translation. In case of doubt, please also consult the German version of this document for reference.


When using the central mailing list server of Kiel University ( personal data is being processed and stored on systems of the Computing Center of Kiel University.

Stored personal data is readable by system administrators of the computing center.

Transmission of this data to third parties is only performed as described below or due to legal obligations.

Web Interface

When using the Web-Interface of the list server, the following data is stored for at most 30 days:

  • time of the request,
  • the IP address of the requester,
  • the requested website path (URL),
  • the path of the previously visited/requesting website (Referrer),
  • the identification string of the requesting browser ("User-Agent").


When logging in on the web interface, a session cookie is automatically created and stored. This session cookie uniquely identifies the logged in user during the current browser session. This is required for logging in to the service.

Mailing list administration

When admininstering a mailing list membership (adding an email address (subscribe), removing an email address (unsubscribe), change of personal settings) the following data are additionally stored for at most 30 days:

  • the affected email address,
  • the performed action (subscribe, unscubscribe, enabling/disable non-mail mode enable/disable digest mode etc.),
  • the timestamp of the action.


When subscribing to a mailing list (i.e. add an email address to the list of subscribers), the following information is stored while the email address remains on the subscriber list:

  • the affected email address,
  • the time at the begin of the subscription


If self-subscription is enabled for a mailing list, it is possible to leave the mailing list at any time. In this case, information about the subscription is deleted after at most 30 days. However, if messages have been sent to the list, these may eventually be retained in the list archives (see below). The list archive maybe also be visible publicy depending on settings chosen by the list administrator.

The list of active subscribers of a mailing list are visible for administrators of the list.


Mail Transmission and Reception

For every mail send via a mailing list, the following information is stored for at most 30 days:

  • the sender address,
  • the timestamp of transmission,
  • the unique identifier of the transmitted message,
  • the addresses of all subscribers at the time of transmission.

Should a subscriber address return an error message, the last error message is saved while the subscription remains active.


When sending a message over a mailing list, the following information is automatically transmitted to all subscribers:

  • message content,
  • the email address of the sender,
  • the timestamp of transmission,
  • the unique identifier of the transmitted message.


List archives

List administrators may enable message archiving for mailing lists. If the archive is active, every message to the mailing list will be saved for the archiving duration. The archiving duration may be chosen by the list administrator and may be unlimited.

Additionally, depending on settings made by the list administrator, list archive may be made available for a restricted set of people. It is also possible to make archives publicly viewable.

The description of a list must contain a notice

  • if archiving is enabled,
  • the chosen archive duration,
  • the group of people the list archive is visible for.