Integrate KeePassXC into Chrome

If you are using the Chrome browser (or a browser with the same technical base, such as Vivaldi or Chromium), you can download the extension directly from the Google webstore and install it using the 'Add to Chrome' button.

KeePassXC im Google Chrome Store

During installation you will be asked to give the extension the following rights:

Benötigte Berechtigungen von KeePassXC

  • Read and change all your data on the websites you visit. (This is necessary to add a button 'Transfer login data from KeePassXC' to the page.)
  • Display notifications.
  • Modify data you copy and paste. (This is necessary to fill in the registration fields.)
  • Communicate with cooperating native applications. (This is necessary to communicate with the actual KeePassXC program.)

You can recognize the installed extension by another key icon in the menu bar of the browser. Before you can actually use the extension, you must connect it once to KeePassXC. To do this, click on the extension icon and in the dialog that appears, click on the 'Connect to KeePassXC' button.

Browsererweiterung mit KeePassXC verbinden

The connection must be given a name. (You can revoke existing connections, e.g. to several browsers, in KeePassXC under Database > Browser Integration > Saved Keys using this name).

Verbindung bestätigen