User certificates in times of Corona

An identity check with an identification card is mandatory for the issuing of personal user certificates, which are used for digital signatures, for example. Of course, in a pandemic situation it is difficult to carry out this control personally on site. For this reason, DFN has made it possible to carry out the identity check under certain conditions by video conference (via DFNconf or BigBlueButton).

Please note: this procedure is considerably more time-consuming than the identity check in person - we calculate about 30 minutes each - and is therefore only carried out by us in urgent individual cases.

Requirements for identity control via video conference

Please check the following requirements:

  • You need a suitable identity document, e.g. German identity card (from 2001) or German passport (from 2007). DFN published a complete list of permitted identification cards (in german).
  • You need a computer with a high-resolution webcam (FullHD) or a smartphone with an equivalent camera and the ability to run DFNconf or BigBlueButton.
  • Please make sure in advance whether the image quality of the webcam (and ambient lighting, etc.) is sufficient to recognise the security features of the ID card. This includes not only the ID number, signature and photo, but also, for example, the holographic 'wiggly pictures' on the front and back, which must be clearly visible. Without sufficient security features we are not allowed to issue your certificate!
    You can try this out in your private room in BigBlueButton, for example. Also keep in mind that the main camera of your smartphone has a higher resolution than the chat camera. You can select the camera in DFNconf under 'Settings' and in BigBlueButton when activating the webcam.
  • The certificate application must be submitted to us in the original as usual. Please consider the longer delivery time in the internal mail!
  • During the identity check you need the number of the certificate application noted on the application.
  • Please allow at least 30 minutes for the identity check. (It is surprisingly difficult to tilt the badge so that holograms etc. are visible in the webcam).

Only if you meet all the above requirements, make an appointment with Mr. Schwarz or Mr. Frerichs. We will then send you the corresponding invitation link (BBB or DFNconf) shortly before the appointment.