DFNconf - video conferencing

Using this service of the DFN ('German Research Network') joint conferences with different techniques and configurations of devices can be hold. In addition to the up to now provided room systems of the computing centre of Kiel University, there is the possibility to participate in video conferencing directly from your computer at your workplace or with a mobile device on the way. The requirements are a camera, a microfone and a stable internet connection.

The service DFNconf can be used as before by all employees of Kiel University.
As meeting organizer you can get access with the stored password for the CAU-Identitaetsprovider in the CIM-Portal. The flyer (in german) gives an overview of the DFNconf service.

Further information on the DFNconf service and the login for organizers can be found under https://www.conf.dfn.de (in german).

Operating instructions

To be able to book video conferences as meeting organizer or to set up a web conference via Adobe Connect, the password for the CAU-Identitaetsprovider must be set once in the CIM-Portal. If this has not yet happened:

Via url: https://cim.rz.uni-kiel.de/cimportal

sign in to CIM-Portal.

  • Via 'settings' go to account selection.
  • Via 'Change password (advanced options)' on the left site check the box at 'CAU-Identitaetsprovider'. At the bottom you have to define and repeat the new password. For verification you have to confirm once again with the CIM password. Don't forget to sign off.
    (Now the access to DFN-AAI service (Authentication and Authorization infrastructure) is established.)
  • Via url: https://www.conf.dfn.de/
    you will be forwarded to the homepage of DFNconf service and via the button 'Veranstalter-Login' to the DFNconf entrance portal.
  • There choose Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel out of the given list and click on 'Weiter'.
  • The personal identifier, which is now queried, is the CIM identifier, the password is the password for 'CAU-Identitaetsprovider'.
  • The information transmitted to the service have to be accepted with 'Akzeptieren'.
  • In the DFNconf event portal new meeting rooms or lecture rooms can be set up, new conference calls, existing conference numbers can be imported and web conferences with Adobe Connect can be generated.
  • In the settings of the rooms among other things all organizer and guest PINs can be defined.
  • The access paths of these video conferences are exactly described in a text and can be transmitted to the individual participants.
  • At least one participant with the organizer PIN has to take part in the video conferencing.