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Brief Description

Citavi supports students and researchers in all steps of working with scientific literature. This begins with research. Citavi opens the door to more than 4000 library catalogs ([...]) and subject bibliographies, whose data can be saved for further processing with a single click. And even with books that pile up on your desk, you don't have to type the titles. If the books have an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) - all books since 1980 have them - this number is sufficient, and Citavi gets all the necessary information from the Internet: author, title, publisher, year, and often the cover art and a brief synopsis.


Kiel University has acquired a campus license for the software Citavi Team. From now on, employees and students of Kiel University can use this powerful program for study, teaching and research at work and at home.

Exception UKSH Kiel: Employees of UKSH Kiel are unfortunately not allowed to use the Citavi campus licence of Kiel University.

Current (as of April 2018): Use Citavi 5.* instead of Citavi 6

The current Citavi Version 6 is based to a large extent on cloud functionalities. The corresponding functional enhancements are associated with many questions, e.g. of a legal and organizational nature, which have not yet been clarified. Kiel University has therefore instructed Citavi to only release older versions up to 5.* for Kiel University until further notice. As a rule, you should therefore download the latest version of 5 (currently Citavi 5.7.1) from the Citavi website listed below in order to benefit from the Citavi Campus License.

Citavi 6 can also be downloaded, but is only available as Citavi Free.


  • Install Citavi Free (Download see below)
  • A license key to upgrade from Citavi Free to Citavi Team is available on this
    web page. Important: Please use your email address from the Kiel University, this will be used to verify your eligibility.
  • Enter the license data into Citavi. Please refer to the manufacturer's email
    with the license data for all information.

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Operating System Download location
Windows Download current Citavi 5 version
(General Citavi download website )