Access for guests

yes/jaStudents yes/jaEmployees no/neinFaculties no/neinStud. unions

For guests without their own eduroam access, WLAN guest access can be generated by the decentralized WLAN officer. In addition to individual IDs, collective IDs can also be generated for events. The validity of guest access is limited to a maximum of 30 days for individual IDs and 12 days for collective IDs and enable access to the Internet. Guest accounts cannot access internal university resources.

Guest access only works on the university campus. To configure guest access, you only need to enter your user name and password; in contrast to regular user accounts, the specification of a certificate and anonymous identity is optional.

Decentralized WLAN officer

University employees can be appointed as decentralized WLAN officers. For this purpose, the application with Form No. 21 is necessary. As a WLAN officer, employees can easily generate and manage WLAN guest access themselves via a website. The registration takes place with the Active Directory identification.

The WLAN officers are responsible for the registration, the assignment of names of guests to guest accesses and are obliged to inform the guests of the general usage regulations.

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