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Upload static web pages

These can be HTML pages which you have prepared locally on your pc, and which need to be uploaded to a webspace.

This is not only suitable for html pages, but also for larger amounts of e.g. PDF files or images, that need to be published.


  • Reliability and load balancing through operation in a cluster
  • daily backup
  • access protection for special areas (by ip address or login)
  • through central filing "always" contact person available


Normally the service is available around the clock.

Service hours

Error messages can be reported via the hotline form.

Troubleshooting normally no later than the next working day.


In case of any questions or problems please contact Hotline, hotline@rz.uni-kiel.de or by phone (mo-fr 9-16 Uhr)  880-5555.


To registrate please use our registration form , check "Webhosting" and fill in the wanted URL at point 3.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (in german)

Responsible persons

The list of the  responsible persons is generated automatically.