Preconfigured web applications

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We provide adapted and pre-configured web applications for some tasks.

Range of service

In addition to our content management system for general website operation, we provide preconfigured web applications for frequently occurring special cases that are not covered by the general system or are nevertheless frequently requested. In particular we currently provide





Your benefits

  • You save yourself the tedious search and selection of suitable software. (At the same time the computing centre can provide better support due to no uncontrolled software growth).
  • The software is preconfigured for use on our web servers, so it will be running faster.
  • The software is (partially and to varying degrees) adapted to the university's corporate design. From your side, no or only minor interventions (selection of the correct faculty colour by renaming a file or the like) are necessary.



As far as we only provide preconfigured installation packages, these are only available from the campus network. The installed software, i.e. the websites, can of course be accessible worldwide or campus-located, depending on your needs.

Service hours

Fault reports are received around the clock via the hotline form.


If you have any questions or problems, please contact the hotline, or by telephone (Mon-Fri 9-16) at 880-5555.



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