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Hardware, infrastructure and software for the display and web-based editing of websites.


Plone-based web pages enable the setup and maintenance of websites even for less experienced users without the use of special programs: Texts can be edited directly in the web browser using simple word processing. Menu structures are generated automatically. Editing rights can be assigned down to individual objects.


The maintenance of the websites does not require any special software, but runs directly in your browser. No knowledge of HTML or other web technologies is necessary for normal page editing - you edit and format the text directly in a simple editor.


Normally the service is available around the clock.

  • reading access (display) via web browser
  • writing access via web browser / WebDAV-programs


Service hours

  • Regular operation 24/7 with 5-minute break per week (at night)
  • Longer interruptions can occur when switching to the backup location.
  • Configuration work can lead to short downtimes (up to 5 minutes).
  • Maintenance work can lead to short downtimes (up to 30 minutes).



In case of any questions or problems please contact hotline, or by phone (mo-fr 9-16 Uhr):880-5555.


To register please fill in the form New or additional services .
Please check "Webhosting" on the first page and "Plone in official layout ..." on the second.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - (in german)


Responsible persons

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