Support of desktops and training systems

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Support of very homogeneous and administratively limited PC workplaces, for example:

  • thin client/ultra thin client workplaces connected to central terminal server farms
  • cloned training notebook pools


  • The Computing Centre operates and maintains a terminal server farm for Kiel University. Thin client pools, which provide desktops to users for general office work or internet research, can be connected centrally or decentrally to this farm.
    • The Computing Centre provides a central computer lab with several thin clients, which are available for students.
    • The Computing Centre operates and maintains decentral thin client pools. This also includes maintaining the hardware and monitoring the relevant thin clients.
  • The Computing Centre maintains a training notebook pool, which can be used in Computing Centre training courses or in training courses of other faculties of Kiel University. After usage the equipment runs through a cloning procedure, which has been developed by the Computing Centre, for achieving a consistent, flawless condition and to get ready for further usage.
  • Furthermore, other faculties may also use the above mentioned notebook clone procedure for regularly achieving a flawless condition of homogeneous lab pools or training notebooks/PCs.


  • For faculties: Request for connection to the Computing Centre terminal server farms or shared use of the Computing Centre training notebook clone mechanism
  • For desktop users: please see Windows Terminal Server
  • For training course organizers: please see  Hiring special IT equipment

Service hours

For using desktop and training notebook there is no general time limit.   Using the thin clients in the Computing Centre, however, is limited to the general opening hours:
PC pool: Monday to Friday 8am to 10pm
System support takes place at the usual office hours of the Computing Centre.


In case of questions or problems please contact: