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Brief description

What is STATA?
STATA is a statistics software package that is provided for MS Windows, Apple Mac and Linux.
Further explanations: Wikipedia article on STATA

Right of use / license from CAU

At the end of 2020, the CAU acquired a multi-year "Site License" for STATA, which allows limited use of the product in the "Stata / MP 16 (4 cores)" variant allowed until the beginning of November 2023.

Description of the STATA site license :  Flyer des STATA-Marketings (.pdf)

License conditions: STATA End-User-License Agreement,
(Version presented by the STATA distributor DPC on October 9, 2020: STATA EULA (.pdf))

Key facts of the licensed use:

  • Key facts of the licensed use: Product variant: Stata / MP 16 (4 cores)
  • STATA license type: Unlimited-user Network
  • License period: beginning of November 2020 to beginning of November 2023
  • Licensed institutions: CAU (Kiel University without affiliated institutions) AND Inst.f. World economy
  • All platforms supported by STATA are licensed: Windows, Apple Mac, Linux
    System requirements:
  • Licensed for employees ("faculty", "staff") and students on all university / institution-owned and personal devices.


Reference path for employees and students

The license is financed from central funds of the CAU without the user having to share the costs. Those interested in STATA submit an application to the responsible STATA officer depending on the institution (or to the data center) in which compliance with the license conditions is guaranteed and confidentiality is agreed with regard to the access information provided.

STATA enjoys great popularity in the agricultural and nutritional sciences (AEF), at the WiSo faculty and at the Inst. F. World Economy (IfW), so that there is also long-term expertise there. In the interest of the most direct possible access to the software package, STATA officers have been appointed in these facilities through which users of these facilities can access the software. For this purpose, the institution-specific applications must be submitted there.
Those who are eligible for STATA outside of these facilities should contact the data center.

STATA officers and applications:


Brief instructions: Download the appropriate application, fill it in online, print it out, sign it, scan it, email a scan to the appropriate contact email address (see above)

You will then have access to the installation files and confidential activation information for the respective contract year.


Other / documentation