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Brief Description

What is SPSS?
SPSS is a modular program system for data analysis. The application spectrum ranges from data acquisition and data modification in all conceivable variants to statistical evaluation and the creation of high-quality graphics. All modules are now completely licensed, an additional purchase for special applications is no longer necessary.


License terms (in german)






Single user

50,00  €

01.10.2023 – 30.09.2024

for licences purchased from 1.9.2019 onwards

For licenses that were bought after 07/01/2020.

see portal page at asknet


(only for computer labs with >= 10 licenses)

50,00 €  01.10.2023 – 30.09.2024  

(No matter at what time within the license period you purchase the license, you must always pay the full price).

( currently usable versions : 27 or 28 or 29)


asknet (only online)

Here is a supplement to ordering an SPSS license from Asknet: If you do not yet have an account at Asknet, the employees of the UKSH Kiel (they are only activated for the SPSS portal) and employees of the affiliated institutes

  • Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW)
  • Leibniz Information Centre for Economics (ZBW)
  • Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN)
  • Lorenz von Stein Institute of Administrative Sciences
  • Institute for Security Policy
  • Foundation Schleswig-Holstein State Museums Gottorf Castle

via "Register other facilities"

Employees / students of Kiel University, can register via "Kiel University".

Attention: For employees (e.g. Kiel University or UKSH Kiel) the "Application for Activation in the Software Shop for Research and Teaching Institutions in Schleswig-Holstein and Bremen" must always be authorized with a stamp of the employer (e.g. Kiel University or UKSH Kiel).

The "Application for Activation in the Software Shop for Research and Teaching Institutions in Schleswig-Holstein and Bremen" is available online during the registration process at Asknet if you want to buy an SPSS license.


Printed manuals are not available, but can be purchased in bookshops. On IBM's website, documentation in PDF format can also be obtained directly from IBM using the site's search function.

RRZN manuals:

-  as eBooks

- Sale of RRZN scripts in the University Central Library

Files for the installation

You can find the software on the Windows file server. Here you can find more information. (in german).

Supported operating systems


Single user installation of SPSS

For a single user license of SPSS you do not need VPN access from Kiel University, because you can install the software directly on your computer and use it only there. You may only need internet access during activation,

Installation of AMOS (in german)

Follow the instructions below. Both apply to Windows. Important note for all SPSS installations under Windows
Network installation (in german) of SPSS (only for computer labs with >= 10 licenses)
The manual for MacOS can be found here:
Installation of SPSS under  MacOS
Extension/renewal/activation of the single user license
Here is a guide. (in german)

Licence server in the computing centre

If you book a network license (only for computer labs), your computer will be added to the list of authorized computers on the license server. If there are problems when using the license server, please take a look at:
SPSS error messages (in german)
Notes on using the SPSS License Manager (in german)


The IBM support portal is suitable for this. There you can also register and view the modules of SPSS (e.g. AMOS) that you are using.
You can also look under SPSS error messages.
For SPSS 18 no more patches are offered, as this version is no longer officially supported.
For SPSS 19 there are two FixPacks.
For SPSS 20 there is one Fix.
For the download you need an account with IBM. Before the download you will be asked for a login - there you can register.