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Brief description

The Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) Inc. with its headquarters in Redlands, California (USA), is the world's most successful group of companies in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and is active in more than 90 countries around the globe, with an almost unlimited spectrum of applications ranging from comparatively simple information systems on the internet to complex, space-related special applications in the field of simulation.

ArcGIS is the collective term for a comprehensive GIS product family from ESRI.





Employees of Kiel University and its affiliated institutes are entitled to participate. The use of the ArcGIS software is limited to computers owned by the University/the affiliated institutes or the university employees. The campus license includes the right to use and reproduce the products for purposes of university teaching, research and administration. Any form of commercial use is excluded.


Current versions

ArcgisDesktop : 10.8x

ArcGisPro 3.2



by the user himself



vom Windows-file-Server .

The access to the Windows file server is open to all users of the university network. If you are asked for a login, enter the following:

User name:         uni-kiel\<RZ-User ID> or stu-ID

Password:           Your Account password


If you do not have an RZ user account:

User name:         uni-kiel\sw_download

Password:           sw_download




Input in the address line e.g. of

    Windows Explorer: \\\files\software\esri


Attention: the german image is too big to burn it on a DVD!



will be canceled until January 31, 2025

Licence types, procedural information

ArcGIS licenses are valid for one year and are usually granted for one year. The license year of the University of Kiel runs from

from 2020 : 1.2. - 31.1 (until 2019/2020: 1.3.-28.2 / 29.2.)


New application/extensions

Please send a mail to

For the mail traffic with us you always use your official mail address.

Enter your user ID of the account in the RZ (syntax suabc123)

If you do not have an user account with us, please fill in the

Form 1 on

and specify licenses as service.

For network licenses please enter the IP addresses of the computers. In the current license year you can add more computers or change IP addresses.

 (IP address: go to


Single license (Single Use)

Single licenses are bound to the hardware of the computer.

A single license always ends with the license year from 2020 on 31.01 of a year. To license the software you will receive a license file or an authorization number from the computing centre. When installing the software, the license manager must be installed and the name of the local computer must be entered in the ArcGIS administrator for the desired product (Single Use).


For the use of the software version 9.x no internet connection of the computer is required. Licensing is based on the MAC address.

ESRI has changed its licensing policy for the use of version 10.x.

On computers with an Internet connection, the software is authorized online once during the initial installation of ESRI.

Computers that do not have an Internet connection can also have the software authorized by ESRI by email or via an ESRI website. Use any computer that has an Internet connection for this purpose.


Network licences (concurrent use)

A network license is a so-called floating license. This means that the user can use his licenses on as many computers as he likes - but only as many licenses as he owns. The software is licensed by a license manager, which is located on one of the license servers of the computing centre. All computers mentioned must therefore have a connection to the university network, if necessary via VPN. When installing the software, make sure that the license manager is not installed. Instead, enter the name of the computing centre license server

in the ArcGIS administrator. A network license can start continuously per year and usually ends after one year.

If you have problems using the license manager, please refer to our notes on using the ArcGIS license manager.


Licenses for students

Students who need a license are asked to send an email to from their student email address, stating what they need the license for (Bachlor/Master/Doctor's thesis, course, etc.), to write. The software must be downloaded from the server of the computing centre. (depending on the version, the ISO images are too large to be burned on DVD). 

The company ESRI Deutschland GmbH has published a video guide for downloading and installing the software (in german) at


ESRI Virtual Campus

ESRI Virtual Campus User Info (PDF in german)


Patches and Service Packs 




Technical advice




ESRI Homepage