Sophos Remote Management System (RMS)

The Remote Management System (RMS) is a software component that can be installed with Sophos Anti-Virus and Sophos Endpoint Security. If RMS is installed, status information about the Sophos installation will be sent to a central server. This functionality allows us to discover threads within the network of the campus (like viruses and Trojans) early. The Remote Management System exclusively provides data needed for this task, like the IP, the NETBIOS-Name, the version of Sophos Endpoint Security, dates of the last scans and possible infections. It does not send any data about the user. A detailed overview of the data sent by RMS can be found here: PDF-File (in German)

If you are still concerned about the security of your data, please consider installing the package for off-campus PCs. It does not install RMS and won't send any data about your PC. (only available for Windows).