Mac OS X

  1. Please download the Sophos Installer here. An anonymous download is possible on site. Off site, downloading the installer requires authentication with your RZ account.
  2. Please navigate to the downloaded file.Installer_finder
  3. Double click on Sophos Installer
  4. Follow the instructions of the installation assistant and agree to the license agreement.Installer_Welcome
  5. If required, please provide the administrator credentials.Admin_Prompt


The installation is now complete and the Sophos icon icon should be displayed in the info panel. Now you have to provide additional information for the update process:

1. Please open the Sophos preferences. Rightclick on the Sophos symbol and then Open Preferences...


2. Please enter the following settings for the auto update. For changing the settings, please click on the lock symbol on the bottom of the left-hand side. As login data, please choose the same from step 1 (su or stu data and the password for Hermes/Mail/LDAP). The update server address is:


3. Please close the preferences and start the manual update by rightclicking on the Sophos symbol and then on Update Now.


4. Sophos should now start downloading the regarding data.


Please note: The RMS-component will be installed as well.


  • In case the setup fails, downloading the Sophos Installer and the Sophos Installer Components folder to your local hard drive before starting the installation might be helpful.
  • In case connecting to the remote share fails and you're not within the university network, please try establishing a VPN connection first.

Sophos documentation

Guide (english, PDF)